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Tay Son Military Music
This type of music is played in military dance ceremonies. The Tay Son Military Music originated in Binh Dinh Province, a place famous for its practice of martial arts.

According to legend, Tay Son military music was composed by three heroes who were farmers named Nguyen Hue. They aimed to use martial arts as a force of revolt. With the set of 17 drums, a player is supposed to use both his palms to hit 12 drums and his head, elbows, and heels to hit the other five. Players who could play the 17 drums effectively were deemed masters of this musical form. Later generations have learned to play this kind of music to worship the three heroes and their followers who sacrificed their lives to sweep out invaders. Tay Son Military Music consists of four items: Troop Dispatching, Military Marching, Troop Stop, and Triumphant Hymn. Tay Son Military Music has become a valued art heritage of the Vietnamese.